Zack Lynn is a writer, lyricist and occasional freelance brain surgeon. He has written numerous reports for the intelligence community (usually without their permission or knowledge), as well as slogans and captions for cereal boxes (although for the latter, the cereal companies have requested, in ever-more-demanding tones, that he cease and desist sending them material). He uses a vintage Smith Corona typewriter for his writing; that is, he props his laptop up against it, to provide an ideal angle for the keyboard. He holds a degree in Literary Engineering from a correspondence university, and drops a degree or two when the fever breaks. He spends his summers at a former friend's vineyard estate in the Pacific Northwest, and (once he is discovered and kicked out) winters in a cardboard box in Belize. He lives with his gorgeous wife, their pet baby dragon, and two little aliens from Alpha Centauri. He likes boats.